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Customer Information:

1a. Awarded SIN: 871-211, Energy Consulting Services

1b. Labor Categories and Descriptions: Included below

2. Maximum Order: $1,000,000.00

3. Minimum Order: $100.00

4. Geographic Coverage: Worldwide

5. Point(s) of Production: N/A

6. Discount from List Prices or Statement of List Price: Included below

7. Quantity Discounts: Included below

8. Prompt Payment Terms: Included below

9a. Government Purchase/Credit Cards: are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold

9b. Government Purchase/Credit Cards: are not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold

10. Foreign Items: N/A

11a. Time of Delivery: Negotiable

11b. Expedited Delivery: Negotiable

11c. Overnight and 2nd Day Delivery: N/A

11d. Urgent Requirements: Negotiable

12. FOB Points: N/A

13a. Ordering Address:

Energy Management Engineering, Inc.
734 Skyline Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

13b. Ordering Procedures: Per FAR 8.405-3

14. Payment Address:

Energy Management Engineering, Inc.
734 Skyline Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

16. Export Packaging: N/A

17. Terms and Conditions of Government purchase card acceptance: Any amount below the micro-purchase level

18. Terms and Conditions of rental, maintenance and repair: N/A

19. Terms and Conditions of installation: N/A

20. Terms and Conditions of repair: N/A

20a. Terms and Conditions of any other services: N/A

21. List of services and distribution points: N/A

22. List of participating dealers: N/A

23. Preventative Maintenance: N/A

24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants): N/A

24b. Section 508 Compliance: N/A

25. DUNS # 001762926

26. Central Contractor Registration: Status is current

Company Overview:

Energy Management Engineering, Inc. (EME) is a woman-owned, small business with 20 years of energy efficiency consulting experience in the federal sector. Our corporate resume includes over 120 substantive projects to facilitate and assist federal and state agencies in implementing their energy efficiency efforts and on-site renewable energy projects. Our aggregate project scope totals over $1 billion in facility investments, to date. Our goal is to provide professional administration assistance and project management support that enables our customers to meet or exceed their mandated energy efficiency goals.


Labor Category



2013 Rate


GSA Rate

Principal, Consultant

Responsible for all technical aspects of each deliverable

BS, Math, w/ 16+ years experience


3% > $100K, 1% Net-20



Terms Offered Government

Terms Granted Basis of Award, “All Commercial Customers”

1. Basic Discount terms



2. Quantity/Volume Discount terms

Additional 3% for orders over $100,000


3. F.O.B. shipping terms - 51V Only



4. Prompt payment terms

1% Net 20 Days


5. Standard delivery terms

TBD at task order

Per Order

6. Emergency delivery terms

TBD at task order

Per Order

7. Warranty terms



8. Aggregate sales/Rebate discounts – 51V Only



9. Minimum Order.




Wilson Reynolds, Vice President
Energy Management Engineering, Inc.
734 Skyline Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905